A Technical audit is a great method to perform a detailed research on the website which is going on a search engines. It is performed once the on-page SEO has been done. Technical audit is a secure way to optimize website on the search engines without making technical difficulties for the search engine to crawl and index the site. Every SEO audit is a tailored made process to the marketing need of the clients. Each and every business is a unique and every report will return that uniqueness.

Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO audit should include the following checklist-

  • HTTP status codes
  • Duplicate content and pages
  • Broken links and images
  • Errors and warnings
  • Server errors
  • HTML and CSS elements
  • Site navigation
  • Labelling and naming conventions
  • Directory structures

By reviewing the above list, you are assuring the site to gain more popularity on a search engine. There are certain server response codes that may influence the technical audit, for instances- 301, 302, 404. These are the server codes that execute when a user stabs to request a site. These response codes will simply redirect that the requested page was not found. Apart from the above item, user must be consider for in the technical audit-

  • Design Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Server security
  • Code Audit

The Website design audit is intended to inspect a set of crucial elements for site design and reliability of the design. The Audit can be used to review a whether a website is responsive or not.  Design audit allows you to re-examine the efficiency of your website in respect of lead generation and conversion. Coming to the SEO audit, it referred as onsite analysis, competitive analysis, keyword research and content uniqueness. SEO audit is all about making the website to display organically on the search engines.

Well it’s not an easy job to rescue the server security, but with the aid of right information at right time will make server less vulnerable to the threats. Password protection is the first step user can take. The standard of the passwords guide directly to the state of difficulty it will take to be ruptured. Be assured your server is in a private, non-public server.  Keep the server protected with a robust password. At the end Code audit is a final assessment process of the technical audit. It doesn’t matter how well your site is optimized or how many SEO tools you used, you will be in vain if your source code isn’t audited properly.  Auditing Coding involves all the front-end coding such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These issues influence a website’s efficacy to be completely crawled and properly ranked.

It is verified that the site that perform technical SEO audit will be rank better than those who does not perform SEO audit. A technical SEO audit can be weary contingent on the intricacy of the website. However with combination of best tool with the human intelligence, technical audit can be very easy and feasible.